An augmented reality art that extrudes three-dimensional sculptures from graffiti (2014)


Skills & Tools
Augmented Reality3D Modeling3D Animation3D Studio MaxRhino3DDaqri 4D Studio

Graffiti is generally known as a form of vandalism that decreases a property’s value. The Extrude project tries to turn disregarded walls or properties with graffiti into a digital art experiment.



By transforming two-dimensional graffiti into new three-dimensional sculptures, people will see another dimension of graffiti that they have never seen before.


The project started with graffiti around NYU School of Engineering in Brooklyn. People can try the prototype by downloading the Daqri app and use it to scan on graffiti in this area. The next step is to expand this experience to all over New York City and develop our own app.


As study shows that graffiti can cost property owners up to 15 percent of the value of their property, I decided to add the donation function to the app. Now graffiti can pay something back to property owners.

sculpture sculpture2The first working area of the project