A location-based game and event for ghost hunters (2011)

IdeationPrototypingDesign (Everything) Art direction


I created and led the design of this project when I worked for Y&R Thailand. My client, Bacardi, wanted to launch Halloween party and required us to create outstanding party concept beyond other Halloween parties around Bangkok. Due to the strict regulations of alcohol brand advertising, we needed a non-traditional approach to create consumer engagement with Bacardi’s Halloween Party and set the vibe in digital space.

Every year we see cliched Halloween costume parties around Bangkok so we wanted to bring the novelty of Halloween back. According to Thai belief that ghosts exist all around, we created digital event that combines on and offline activities together with the idea of location-based mobile app that players can capture ghosts around the city.


The game back-end

The different levels of ghosts give players different points. They were allocated on different area with certain density.


Every ghost captured is counted as points for redeeming drinks and premiums at the party. With more than 9000 people downloaded the app in only 1 month and more than 10,000 ghost photos shared by many players, the Bacardi’s thrilling vibe spread throughout Thai social network. Bacardi Halloween party got media attention (including magazines, blogs, video channels, etc.) and became the hottest Halloween party in Bangkok that year.


Points can be turned into a glass of drink at the party


The top 200 ghost hunters will be listed as VIP guests in the Bacardi’s Halloween Party


(Status: The event has already ended.)