The recharging station powered by dead batteries (2013)

IdeationDesignArt direction


Today we use more power than ever. We are constantly on our smartphones and on the move, draining both our phone batteries as well as our own. We also use a lot of power, throwing out used batteries without realizing they still have some power left.

Vitamilk soymilk wanted to remind consumers of their distinctive recharging power. Our team at BBDO Bangkok came up with the idea of building the Vitamilk Recharge Station “Dead Batteries For Dead Batteries” the world’s first signboard that collected dead batteries to create power for dead batteries.


Every used battery still has approximately 400 mAh. 1 set of 1,500 used batteries can produce enough power to fully charge 140 smartphones, delivering up to 830 hours of talk time.


The signboard was placed at top universities in Thailand, sky train stations, exhibitions and other high commuters traffic areas. Over 2 months, one signboard has given out over 3,328 hours of added talk time and recharged Vitamilk’s brand image with millions of free media impressions not only in Thailand but also worldwide coverage. Now more and more people are recharging themselves with Vitamilk, and recharging their cellphones with our signboards.

Setting up the signboard at Bangkok Skytrain Station